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Unexpected Meeting [Closed@Kuroneko]

[Another normal day in Kysouke’s life would’ve past him by uneventfully until Kirino demanded of him to go and run an errand for her which involved basically buying a couple of specifics eroges that should be coming out on special edition today but since she had to attend to a photo shoot for a magazine she wouldn’t be able to get them herself and so Kyosuke was stuck with the task.

He sighed as the scene replayed on his mind: Kirino barging into his room and forced that onto him and went away as fast as she came into his room but since there was no use crying over spilt milk he thought to himself that he would just do that and go back home since there was no use staying out without any plan at all.

He had been a few times before to Akihabara with Kirino and friends and a couple of times with Ayase to show her about otaku culture and perhaps a couple of times to go to that Maid Cafe but today he planned on fulfilling his duty only until he reached the place that was a bit more crowded than usual. Kyosuke thought to himself that some of these guys might’ve been here for the release of the special edition game so it should be only natural for it to be crowded but as he moved through the people, he bumped into someone and proceeded to apologize right away.]

Ah, sorry! I can’t walk that well he-


[As he looked at the petite figure he was so familiar with he wondered for a moment why she was there and his tongue moved faster than his brain.]

Did Kirino also sent you on an errand here today?

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As my main blog is an unrefined, personal one, it appears it may take me a while to get used to the idiosyncrasies unique to the role-playing side of tumblr. However, I do hope you’ll all assist me in any way possible and perhaps I can catch onto this quickly, and we can all relish the experience and be bemused as much as my amateur skills will allow.


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Tips for “Noobie” Tumblr Roleplayers:


  • Please make an honest attempt at using capitalization, punctuation and grammar. If you want to be taken seriously here and want the chance to have more roleplay partners, this is practically a must.
  • It’s courteous to reblog an RP upon using the “Reply” feature on a post 4+ times in a row. Keep in mind that it becomes a hassle to make a seperate post for each reply. Please. It will not hurt you to reblog a post. It’s the easiest way to continue a roleplay and it’s certainly less of a pain in the neck for your partner(s).
  • Reblog as Text. This is key. There have been many problems with this by new Tumblr roleplayers and it’s not only irritating, but it’s a nuisance. It bunches up the post and cuts parts of your partner’s/partners’ replies off.
  •  If you do not know how to do this with a post, please refer to this helpful tutorial.
  • There is nothing wrong with short replies to someone else’s longer RP starter/reply. Feeling intimidated by the three paragraphs they replied with as opposed to your latest reply that only amounted up to one? No one is pressuring you to go past your writing limits. Write as much as you can; there is no need to stress out over short posts. We have all been there and once you feel more comfortable here, you’ll be able to match your partner’s longer replies in length.
  • Though, try to avoid responding to their post that contains a few paragraphs with only a few measly sentences.
  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help. Whether it be asking someone to proof-read your biography page or even just having someone confirm your research done on a specific character - original character or otherwise - there are people here that are warm and inviting and would love nothing more than to assist you.
  • With most cases, this isn’t a huge problem, but… Please, tag any post that might include porn, sex, violence, gore, or any other inappropriate or NSFW material as “NSFW” or “Trigger Warning”. These posts will be picked up by someone’s Tumblr Savior if they happen to find a problem with that material and they won’t have to be troubled with seeing it. It’s only common courtesy and it’s stressed that you do so. Be polite and tag appropriately.
  • Regarding smut/sex roleplays, it has become common for the roleplayers to put their roleplays under a “Read More” page break so that those that don’t want to see them won’t right away. Once again, this is really just common courtesy and is by no means a set rule, though it is appreciated.
  • Intimidation. It’s a terrible thing to feel around the roleplayers you look up to, isn’t it? There is no reason to feel scared of your fellow roleplayers. Very rarely have I seen someone genuinely pass down another’s offer of RP for no reason at all. Even so, the worst you will hear is “no” or “sorry, not at the moment.” But, it’s worth a shot to at least ask, right? Take a chance and approach other roleplayers. More often than not, they’ll be willing to roleplay with you and brainstorm a few potential RP plots for you to go through in the future.
  • Something that might help your sheepishness or shy tendencies is joining an RP Ring. That way, there is always someone to talk to and you’ll feel more like a close group of friends or family than you might as an independent.
  • Before roleplaying with someone, be sure to check their blog and profile for any biographies, headcanon pages, or other helpful entries that dignify and differentiate their character from someone else’s. When it comes to canon characters, no two people play them alike and it’s important to respect someone else’s portrayal (even if you don’t necessarily agree with it).
  • Some roleplayers might have very long pages and you might not have the time at the moment to read through it completely. Please, make sure to at least skim it so that you pick up a general idea of who or what their character is. 
  • And whilst on this topic: please try to write your own biography or headcanon page. This will give other roleplayers the chance to get to know your original character or your own portrayal of the canon character that you play. It gives your character more depth and it makes them more interesting to both play and interact with.
  • One of the most important things: ignore hate anons. Their words are not worth taking to heart. Many of them are just trolling you to get a reaction out of you. It’s never worth getting riled up over. Please, if they really get to you, take a breather and delete the message. If they see you react negatively to their words, they’ll only feel welcome to do it more. All they want is to hurt you or throw down empty threats. Don’t let them put you down or push you around. Ignore them.
  • Last, but certainly not least… Have fun. Tumblr RP is supposed to be an enjoyable, welcome place for you to interact with all different kinds of people; both IC and OOC. We all try our best to be friends with one another and everyone is welcome to everyone else. This isn’t high school; ignore the supposed ”cliques” amongst the roleplayers and talk to whoever you want to. (This also references to the points made on intimidation). You’re here because you like roleplaying and the rest of us do too. We’re all here for the same reason, and that’s to write with one another, compose stories as a team, and have a good time.

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[[Too many online games lately. I’m horribly neglecting this account again… ugh…]]

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It didn’t even take a second before the sound of small steps came towards them. Out of the livingroom a little girl around 4 years old came running towards them with a paper in her hand. She didn’t stop until she almost crashed with Ruri but instead gave her sister a hug. “Nee-chan! I drew a picture of Meruru.” The little girl handed over a paper whit something that first had some kind of human structure, but then it was pink colors all over the painting and the body of what should’ve been Meruru was barely not even visible. “Do you like it?” The little girl asked with a almost shy smile.

Ruri patted her sister on the head and gave her a warm smile. “It’s great. Why don’t you go and draw another one? Maybe challange Hinata in a drawing competition?” The little girl nodded and ran back to the room she came from, Ruri started to get a little nervous about what Kyousuke would actually think before they finally got to her room.

While walking past the room where Tamaki came from, another little girl was already sitting there and watched TV. Her hair wasn’t raven colored like Ruri and Tamakis, but still dark brown. When they walked past she gave her sister a teasing smile which was very similar to the one Ruri sometimes used. “Taking a boyfriend home now, are we?” The little girl teased, but Ruri was used to the sister acting like that. “No. He’s a friend and we’ll be watching Maschera together. I wanted him to see it.”

Ruri turned around and looked at Kyousuke, then introduced him to her sisters. “These are my younger sisters I told you about earlier. The smallest one is Tamaki and the middle one is Hinata.” She turned around to her sisters. “And this is Kyousuke Kousaka.”


[Kyosuke was a bit surprised at how different her little sister was from her and that she actually liked a show that Kuroneko didn’t. He was specially more impressed by her praise of her little sister’s drawing since being him, he might’ve been blunt about it. Kuroneko turned out to be like he initially thought her to be: A kind girl hiding under the veil of a cold one. A simple “Heh~” Was what he said as soon as the girl was out of the hallway as if to let Kuroneko know he was impressed.

Next surprise was her second sister to be apparently more precocious than she looked. Kyosuke was once again impressed by Kuroneko’s family and kept his question for when they were alone. For now since he was being introduced, he decided to go along with her.]

Nice to meet you. I hope we get along!

[Still they both seemed like good children so he really meant that and maybe they could become his allies to finding out more about Kuroneko later.]

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Ruri didn’t answer his statement with more than a nod. Obviously he didn’t know the way since they hadn’t made company like this before at all as she could remember. They turned around the corner of the street, and then walked past three houses when Ruri suddently stopped. He seemed not to realize it at first, but when he stopped she pointed at the house in front of them without any change of expression. “Here it is. Closer than you thought?”

She lead them over the small front yard and then to the door. She opened her purse and took out a key, which she fit into the keyhole and turned. A ‘click’ sound was heard and she opened the door. Inside the house there was a traditional japanese style with very light interior and from another room two high-pitched voices was heard. Her sisters.

“I’m back.” She said and gestured for Kyousuke to take of his shoes. “And I have company.”


[Kyosuke almost walked past her house before he realized they were there already. He was a bit surprised at how average her house seemed from the outside given the eccentric ways she developed. It wasn’t anything bad but it somehow didn’t seem to fit her persona for a reason.]

I guess so. I thought it’d be farther away.

[He followed after her and as she took out her shoes, he did the same and took the guest slippers that were on the entrance.]

Sorry for intruding!

[He said out loud as it was customary to do when visiting a new house. He hoped that he wasn’t really seen as a nuisance but felt a bit nervous now that he was about to meet Kuroneko’s family.]

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Ruri looked away for some seconds and wondered how she was supposed to respond. She didn’t like the way he said ‘magic’ since that isn’t what she would call her abilities, but there was no reason to get even upset about. The only reason she could get upset was the fact it was obvious he didn’t believe her, and the magic he spoke about was propably something like make-up. But she spared him since he actually called her skin pretty.

“No. This body is the one of a human and is not affected by dark energy in such a way. If my skin is pretty I was born that way.”She looked at him who was actually walking beside her, and then rised her eyebrows a little. “Are you fimiliar with this way? You don’t seem to hesitate in your steps.”


[Well, at least she recognized her body as being “human” and replied with a mere “Hmmm”. He wondered when did she started being like this but perhaps it wasn’t really that long ago but whatever the case, he tried to imagine her without her chuunibyou and his imagination actually didn’t allow him to see her in any other way now  That was when she made note of him being beside her and he just couldn’t say “because you have shorter steps and I can easily keep up” could he?]

Maybe it is because I walk fast?

I’m only going to where I see you’re going.

[And so far he had been more focused on watching her than the road itself so he could barely remember the road as a result from it.]

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“Of course I am listening. But with the capacity of only a human brain maybe you don’t understand my intentions.”

Ruri bluntly spoke about Kyousuke as a human again, which of course was normal if she didn’t see herself like more than that. And of course the topic he choosed was fitting for her talking. “Yes, such things haven’t changed. As I said before I can create a thin layer of dark energy wich protect me from the rays of the sun. But I am sure you remember that.” She stopped her talking for a short moment, than began once more. “Since I am protected from the sunrays I can also keep my skin free from any kind of sunburns. I am after all what this world would call pale even though I actually spend time outdoors just as much as everyone else.”


[And there she went again speaking as if she was looking down on him. Kyosuke wondered for a bit if there’ll ever come the day that she would address him properly or if he would have to get used to it and give up hope.]

Yes I remember it but it doesn’t change the fact that it still surprises me.

[In any case, it was as she said. She was quite pale for someone who went out as well. He pondered for a moment but he thought “no way it can’t be true, there must be another reason why she’s like that” and brushed the thought as he shook his head as if to dispel the enchantment.]

I see. Your skin look pretty after all so I guess you must use some sort of magic to keep it that way.

[Of course Kyosuke was only joiking with that remark that made it sound as if he was playing along but he meant other kind of magic instead of the one she was referring to. The kind of magic that magicians use to distract people from the reality of their tricks.]

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Ruri made a small sight and then nodded. “You don’t have much of a choice. If you mess this up I’ll put a curse on you.” She started walking towards the train station, looking at him in the corner of her scarlet colored eyes. “Don’t take it personal though.”


The weather was nice today, even though it wasn’t a matter which interested Ruri very much. The sun shone brightly in the sky. But as usual Ruri wasn’t bothered by heat even though she wore her casual dress and jacket. She remembered the time at the Summer Comiket when Kirino almost forced her to take of her jacket and dared to call her cute. Having a person like Kirino herself say it wasn’t very flattering while thinking about the games she was propably stuck at home with.

Did you even listen to me at all?

[Apparently not. Still, he didn’t take it personally since he already knew the harsh side of Kuroneko and even if they hadn’t been close friends, he had learned to deal with it already and get along with her even with that. He followed her close and walked almost beside her even though he didn’t know the way.]

In any case, today’s been pretty nice. And I see you can really stand the heat.

[A small attempt at some conversation that he hoped would served to at least break the silence from his side.]

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