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A couple’s time [Closed @ Kuroneko]


“Are you completely sure? I don’t…want to make you uncomfortable. I would not be a very good girlfriend if I did correct?” she stated, taking up her sewing again. She wasn’t doing much, simply sewing the holes in her socks and in her little sisters’ stuffed animals that they had gifted to her when she arrived at the school.

You know, you don’t have to worry about such things.

[Surprisingly, Ruri tried too hard to please him ever since they started going out and Kyosuke felt she should be a bit more aggressive as well but he couldn’t really complain.]

In any case, you need me to try the costume before the convention right? When should I visit you to try it out then?

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A couple’s time [Closed @ Kuroneko]


Kuroneko was quiet for a moment, contemplating meeting Kirino again. “I see…”was all that came out of her mouth for another few minutes. She thought about Kyousuke, “You know…you don’t have to cosplay…if it’s a bother…or to please me.”she replied slowly. It was true she did want him to cosplay….but not if she would be the only one having fun.

[After Ruri’s comment, Kyosuke sighed and replied.]

Hey, what kind of awful boyfriend would I be if I went back down on my word?

[It wasn’t like Kyosuke was against the idea in any case but if this was something Ruri wished for, he had no problem on doing it. Besides, he had indeed agreed already and it would feel bad for him even if she allowed him not to go on with it.]

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Well, just a small ooc post letting people know that I was absent for a bit more than two weeks for many reasons, the last two weeks being me getting my internet service die on me for almost a whole week and then I had to go on a trip for another week and was unable to have any long internet access so I couldn’t let people know.

But I’m back and I’ll be back on action this week!

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A couple’s time [Closed @ Kuroneko]


“My thoughts exactly…”she would reply, looking over at the complete Lucifer costume hanging next to her own revamped Queen of Nightmare cosplay.  ”…I’ve gone ahead and finished your costume… but it is entirely up to you…if you want to wear it.”she replied in an even quieter soft voice.

“Also…have you spoken…to that woman…at all?”she asked, referring to his sister Kirino. “…I…haven’t gotten a chance to see her lately.” It was not a lie. She had been busy with the costumes and her homework. She hadn’t any time to talk to anyone except for the short text messages to her parents letting them know her progress in school. This convention would be the first time they would be speaking in quite a while.

Ahh… well, I did agree to it so it’s not like I can’t back down now can I?

[He thought of it as a joke but he had certainly agreed to cosplay with her but to think she had actually made it that far, he couldn’t let her down now or he would feel guilty forever. Now that Kuroneko asked about Kirino, Kyosuke couldn’t help but recall the last time he met up with her by chance.]

Ah… well, I did get to talk with her and now she knows about us. She did freak out but I guess she took it better than I expected it to be?

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A day off [Non-AHRP]


Punching his shoulder and glare at him. “Weeks! What? And you never thought to tell anyone!?” Kirino began to feel more angry that even Ruri didnt tell her. Is it because she might have over reacted at it like she had just done with Kyosuke? She shook her head and clenched her fist together. Looking at the ground, she tried to think of what she could say. “W-why didn’t you tell me? Not trustworthy or something?”

[She punched him and it did hurt a bit but he was expecting a more violent reaction like a kick or something so this was quite easier to bear and of course he felt he couldn’t tell her because she would react badly and if Kuroneko was around, she would surely start teasing her and things wouldn’t end up well for the time being.]

W-well, I did tell Manami but that was because she somehow knew it was going to happen…

And just look at how you reacted! I wanted to avoid making you angry so…

[So he avoided it instead of facing her since it was easier that way.]

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[[I need to go for a while, not sure if I’ll return tonight but I have Kirino’s reply drafted. Be back later!]]

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*Shit, my face did it again*

“i”ll just be on my way now but please keep that in mind” -he walks away from the scene, feeling awkward-

Er… are you alright?…

[Sure, Kyosuke had felt a bit frightened by his sudden change in his face but now that he seemed sulking, he wasn’t sure what to say to him.]

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A day off [Non-AHRP]


Kirino stood there quietly for a moment not knowing what to say. At first she thought he was lying, but she looked at him closer and realized he was telling the truth. Trying to find words, Kirino continued to stare at Kyosuke. “…” When she completely processed the whole thing, she jaw dropped.

“E-EH? YOUR WHAT!? HOW DID.. Why.. Wh-what? WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE? How the heck did this happen!?”

[Well, so far that was expected.]

Err… like I said… we started dating… just a few weeks ago actually…

[It had been easy to avoid telling her because they hadn’t really met in person like this and the only way they talked was through messages every one and then and most of the time was for Kirino to ask him to buy merchandise for her but now that she discovered what was going on, Kyosuke wasn’t sure how to approach the topic.]

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